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We have participated in many exhibitions of various aluminum door and window architectural decorations before, so manufacturers of stair handrails and this industry know that Mingyi Flower Tube Machine is processing stair handrails and various decorative tubes.

Paiyahao Aluminum Co., Ltd. is the largest stair railing production company in Guangdong. It specializes in aluminum art processing and has a large-scale factory.


In April 2019, Paiyahao Aluminum Co., Ltd. found our website on Baidu and contacted our sales executive.


The customer said that he was processing aluminum alloy round tubes and wood grain (heat transfer wood grain) aluminum alloy round tubes and sent us the pictures of the stair handrails he made. Consulted:

   Can it be processed?

   Can proofing?

   Can we visit the factory?

   How do the machines operate?

We sincerely invited him to visit our factory with his sample tubes. The customer came to our factory and brought two stair handrails that he has made in the factory(one of which has been painted in color, one of which is thermal transfer wood grain). Both are made of aluminum.

Foshan Nanhai Mingyi Machinery Factory
Foshan Nanhai Mingyi Machinery Factory

There were all kinds of samples similar to his at the time he entered our factory. He was surprised.

Foshan Nanhai Mingyi Machinery Factory

He planned to open more molds and make aluminum handrails of different sizes and designs. The customer saw a few sample tubes embossed in the middle, square on both sides. The customer asked us if we have a machine that can process this square shape? Then we introduced the other machines used in processing aluminum handrails to our customers. Finally, the customer decided to let us proof some of his samples.

Foshan Nanhai Mingyi Machinery Factory
Foshan Nanhai Mingyi Machinery Factory
Foshan Nanhai Mingyi Machinery Factory

According to the samples brought by the customer, we opened the mold to make the design and specifications he wanted.


After the mold is opened, we sent the samples to the customer. The customer was delighted and placed the order directly with us.

The customer placed an order with us for several machines.


  Three tube embossing machines

  One of our largest model 115*540 tube embossing machines (specially processing large columns),

  One 76*300 and 50* 300 model

  One square pulling machine.

Foshan Nanhai Mingyi Machinery Factory

When the machine was shipped, our designers went to the customer's factory to help debug the machine and train the staff on machine operating.



Now, if customers want to make new patterns, they always repurchase the tube machines from us. Our designers are always happy to go to their factory for debugging when needed. The customer appreciates we provide good quality machines and service. They often visit us in the exhibition.

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