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Tube Tapering Machine in Uzbekistan Furniture Factory

First Contact
I received his inquiry on March 20, 2021. He didn't tell me any other information, and he didn't reply to me at the time. I got his WeChat ID the next day, and I added his WeChat account and greeted him as soon as possible.
Before he contacted me, he had contacted other machine companies, and I helped him compare the quality and price of the tube tapering machines. He was a little skeptical at first. During constant negotiations, I introduced the basic situation of our company and made detailed answers and demonstrations on the production process and operation of the tube tapering machine. He was impressed by our professional knowledge and technical capabilities. Because we are a direct factory for the production of machines, after receiving the information about the iron pipes he wanted to process, I communicated face-to-face with the machine designer as soon as possible and helped him draw drawings and repeatedly confirm the dimensions until the final confirmation.
Confirm Order
On March 26, the customer confirmed the order.
We opened the mold for him according to his needs. During the production of the machine, I kept reporting the production progress of the machine; after we produced the machine, I took a machine testing video. The client appreciated it.
After the customer confirmed the delivery time, I sent him detailed pictures and videos of the packaging. Finally, I helped contact the driver to send the machine to the warehouse designated by the customer. The customer received the machine on the morning of June 22, 2021.
Assist Customers In Finding Products
On the evening of June 20, 2021, I received his message that he needed to buy a 45-degree angle punch in China. The customer did not know the name of this machine at the time. On June 21, 2021, I found the factory that produced this machine. The contact information is recommended to customers.
On July 03, 2021, I received information from the customer when I had just got off the plane on a business trip. After comparing the prices and quality of other factories, he decided to buy the machine-a 45-degree angle punch at the factory I recommended. When he first said to pay me, I thought the customer had made a mistake, and I quickly explained that I was helping because I was afraid that the customer would misunderstand me. He said he would also repurchase my tube tapering machine, and I am very grateful for his support and trust in me.
He needed my help on July 13, 2021, to buy suction cups in China. I looked for factories that produce suction cups through different channels, compared the quality and prices of different factories, and then gave the contact information to the customer. I suggested first ordering the sample to confirm the quality and specifications of the suction cup and then deciding to place an order.
Tube Tapering Machine Repurchasing
On the evening of June 27, 2021, the customer asked about the tube tapering machine again. 
On July 12, 2021, he asked me the amount of the machine. I used to calculate the deposit, but the customer said he paid me the total amount at once. I was astonished. Thanks again for his trust in me and his recognition of the quality of my machine.


I contacted the warehouse in advance to agree on the time to load the machine. Because the goods have to be assembled into a container, the machine was being shipped on 2021,09,06. 
I am delighted to provide customers with high-quality tube tapering machines and help customers find suitable products. I hope that there will be opportunities to help more people in the future.
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