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A Quick Guide to Square Tube Bending Machine

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A square tube bending machine, as the name implies, is a machine that helps to permanently create tubes into your preferred profile. You can bend several types of pipe shapes, including rectangular, square, and the popular round type, into your desired type.

There are standard benders as well. These are used largely for round pipes. However, things become more complicated if you’re dealing with shapes with cross-sections. Hence, in this case, you need something more advanced to accommodate these complex shapes.

How does the machine work?

The square tube bending machine typically works by compressing these square tubes a little inside. With this, the materials can flow seamlessly. You can as well bend and shape rectangular and square pipes without worrying about a Mandrel.

Embarking on this without a mandrel offers you a relatively faster budget-friendly procedure than what a mandrel offers. However, if you use a mandrel in the process, you can enjoy an even more perfect finish and further optimize the product appearance.

The result of the entire process also banks heavily on a few features of the tube. These include the thickness and area of the pipe. It also depends on things related to the machine such as the lubricant used on the machine and tooling related to it. So, if you want to streamline the entire process and get the best possible quality, you should not neglect these factors.

Square Tube Bending Machine

What are the types of square bending machines?

There are different forms of square bending machines. Choosing the most applicable to your preference lies heavily on your bend specifications, preferred profiles as well as the intended applications. With no further ado, here are the types of square bending machines:

Rotary draw

This type of bending machine is characterized by a consistent centerline radius in its die sets. For this reason, it offers a great level of precision. Its application span automotive and handrail production efforts. It can also complete intricate shapings and other critical bends for your square tubes.

Induction bending

This bending machine is best suited for small to sizable steel pipes. It uses no mandrel and you'll typically find an indication coil around a section. It is the perfect fit for high precision bending regardless of the angle.

Roll bending

Using this machine, you have to forcefully push the square pipe through some custom rolls. These put pressure on the tube and gradually bend it to your preferred profile. Roll bending machines are the perfect fit for anyone looking to manufacture longer pipe strips with a more gentle bend. As such, it only creates a slight deformation across the pipe.

Introduction to automatic space pipe benders

An automatic square pipe bending machine works using electromechanical principles. Typically, it has a hydraulic or pneumatic system at the nucleus of its operations. Some types are also powered using an electro-servo motor system. Ideally, this machine can offer the greatest level of consistency while guaranteeing a quick operation. That's not all. It can also help you eliminate tendencies of errors across every stage of production.

Now that you understand what this machine entails, you might want to take things further and see how it works in real-time. For this, you can contact us for a quote and we will be more than happy to help.

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