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Benefits of Tube Tapering Machine

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Tube tapering machine is a single-cylinder compound machine, which is used to form a slit or round bore tube with an inner diameter and outside diameter. It machines the outer surface of a high-pressure pipe, usually from the end of a shaft into a smooth, cylindrical surface. Tube tapering machine has been widely applied in industrial production, oil and gas field exploration & development as well as in cement industry.

Benefits of tube tapering machine:

1. Guaranteed performance

The jaw of this machine can be adjusted freely by the shock absorber system and big cams, which ensure a tight clamping force of the workpiece on the gun barrel and guarantee an even cutting of the cylinder wall at all times; also guarantees a perfect circular cutting surface for every specimen. It can be adjusted mechanically for different diameters, either manually or automatically.

2. Simple operation

All the parts of this machine are controlled by hydraulic cylinders, which are relatively easy to adjust. This machine has standardized structure, which can be widely used for various workpieces. The main-bearing is supported and concentric around the whole casing to ensure a uniform stabilizer effect on every cylinder; it is equipped with a big cooling fan, so that the lubricating oil can be supplied smoothly and evenly. This machine can be operated easily by one man.

3. Accurate and reliable

The automatic rotation of this machine is composed of a dynamic balance system, which can guarantee the stability and accuracy of the machine. The pressure is controlled by adjustable cams that help to guarantee a high efficiency cutting. To ensure the precise measurement of the diameter, a cylinder with a diameter measuring system is installed in the tapping head, which can be set manually or automatically. It allows for dynamic cutting and high-precision tapping.

4. Cheaper maintenance

It is designed with a half-open gun barrel, which makes it easy to change cutting tools. It uses high-precision and large-capacity precision machining tools, a high degree of automation and the design concept of humanization. The use life of the machine is relatively long.

5. High speed and efficiency

This machine uses multi-channel automatic control unit (ACU) with PLC controlling system which can automatically calculate the required tapping force and adjust the pressure of each cylinder in turn to ensure that all cutting operations are performed accurately within 0.2%.

6. Ability to improve production rate at any time

Co-operation with other similar machines, the use of small tools for large diameter pipes, advanced PLC controlling system and automatic changeover systems can provide economical production and increase efficiency, which is an ideal advantage for turning from one type of pipe into another type. This machine is widely used in oil & gas industry as well as in pipe manufacturing field and other fields.

7. Design concept of humanization

This machine adopts large-capacity high-precision tools, which are installed in series. Their number is divided into small ones and large ones used at different times. It has a hydraulic system to supply the cutting oil and a cooling system to ensure even cooling. The noise produced by the soundproofing is relatively low so that this machine can be used in noise-polluted environments.

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