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Benefits of Using Square Tube Embossing Machine

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Square tube embossing machine is also often used in the jewelry industry. They are mainly used to create pieces of patterned tube, which is mainly used in the production of silk flowers and other products with a similar structure.

The square tube embossing machine use a spinning head to heat material on one side, while the other side is constantly cooled by water or oil. The patterns on these tubes are made up of dies heated by electrical arcs, and then make contact with a rotating surface to cut into it.

Benefits of using square tube embossing machine:

1. It can be used for a variety of purposes.

Square tube embossing machine is widely varied in applications: paper products, printing technology, food processing industry and so on. For example: research analysis and development of food products; pattern embossing on paper; distribution printing technology; food processing machinery printing; etc.

2. The process is very fast.

Square tube embossing machine can be used to produce straight or curved lines, or it can print on the surface of the material, with different patterns and can also be used to cut machining at the same time. It is fast and save time when we use this equipment to emboss.

3. This machine has a long life span because it is made up of high quality materials.

For example: The material to construct the machine must have strong mechanical strength, and has good stability in performance. It is also easy to be maintained and repaired. All of these things can ensure the long life span of this machine.

4. It is easy to move from place to place.

Because square tube embossing machine is light weighted, easy to transport, small in size and can be installed in a short time. So it is a good choice for places that have high demand of speed and efficiency but have a limited space.

5. The equipment is highly efficient, with the ability to work non-stop.

The machine has not only high productivity, but also has the advantages of non-stop working and convenient maintenance. This means that it can be used as long as you want because there will be no damage or breakdown during the operation cycle. Also it can be used all year round without any limitations caused by climate or weather factors.

6. The equipment is cost-effective.

Compared with other methods of printing, such as screen printing, air printing and embossing machining, this machinery has a significantly lower price. In addition, the cost-effective of the equipment for the operation time is also high and there are no production restrictions during the production process. And once it reaches the equipment's peak output (which is related to material quality), it will automatically be reduced to reach the minimum output value that can be used for work. For example: when it reaches full capacity, more time will be spent on maintenance activities than on actual production activity. So the overall productivity will reduce.

7. The equipment is safe and reliable.

The high quality material of the equipment ensures the long life span and stability of the machine, which ensures that it can be used in places with high humidity, such as food processing machines and printing machines, etc.. As for the electronic control system of Square Tube Embossing Machine, it can be separated from electricity supply at any time when needed. In addition to this, all three-phase motors and transformer with a long life span guarantee that there is no worry about breakdown and safety in operation.


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