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A customer from Saudi Arabia found me at in mid-August 2021. He needed to buy a 40'HQ with 120/150/200 golden furniture feet. He lives in Guangzhou and can come to visit our factory at any time.

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The customer called me at 13 am and said that he was coming to the factory soon. I was surprised. I didn't expect the customer to come today. I hurriedly started to prepare samples, scales, some of our other designed furniture feet, product catalogs, etc. My foreign trade supervisor and boss received this customer with me.
The customer has been to other manufacturers, and he brought samples and quotations from that manufacturer. He took a look at our finished furniture legs. He liked the color very much, and they looked beautiful after welding, but the price was a few cents higher than the manufacturer he had visited before.


In the ongoing negotiations, the price has always been stuck. We propose to customize the logo and packaging according to customer requirements without increasing the price. Later, we took the customer to visit the factory in detail, and the customer saw our craftsmanship, uncolored samples, and output. We provided answers to customers from cutting, taper, and polishing.

After that, we continued to negotiate on WeChat, and the main questions and requests of customers were:


01. There are more than 100 furniture feet in one box. He worries about being too heavy;

02. The price is slightly higher than other manufacturers, and he has already quoted the price with the terminal buyer, and now the freight is costly. Hope we can lower the price a little bit.

In response to the customer's question, I gave a detailed answer:


01. Packing problem: packing can be customized.

02. Price problem: The price of this color plating is really high, and the price cannot be reduced to ensure the quality.

Foshan Nanhai Mingyi Machinery Factory
Foshan Nanhai Mingyi Machinery Factory
Foshan Nanhai Mingyi Machinery Factory

Confirm Order

The client asked me to make a detailed packing list, including the multiples of each box, etc. In the end, the customer confirmed the order and paid the deposit. The delivery date was 25 days. We have established a WeChat group to report production progress to customers.


At that time, we worked overtime for this order. 
I am responsible for matching the carton size, logo, packaging, 
and other details.


The loading day was a few days later since the customer could not order the cabinet. Finally, all the goods were loaded into the cabinet, and the truck was loaded and set off. Customers say that they are delighted with our product quality and service, and will have a long-term cooperation in the future.
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