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How Do You Taper a Metal Tube?

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The Technique To Tapering

A two-die rotor hammering technique is used to create metal tube tapering. The bigger diameter start tube is put into the swaging equipment and the dies. The dies are fashioned in the same way as the finished tapering form. As the tube is put in, the tooling rotates from around the workpiece while going in and out, producing roughly 3,000 hits per minute and gradually reducing the tube diameter.

Stainless, titanium, as well as carbon steel, are among the metals that can be handled for metal tube tapering. The tube layer thickness is the only stumbling block. Even though this is a cold-forming technique, the maximum thickness is 10 gauge or 3 millimeters. The grain structure is important in all rotary swaging procedures. The formability of the starting material is preserved, as it is in all rotary swaging procedures. The substance will flow down the shortened part of the tube, resulting in an increase in tube length as well as some wall thickening.

Swaging Machines

Swaging machines decrease or increase the diameter of tubes or rods by driving them through a die. Swaging is accomplished by inserting a tube or rod through a die or dies that are hammered together to shrink the diameter of the metal. Swaging machines cause material deformation rather than material loss. Swaging machines are commonly used with precious metals because there is no material loss. Swaging and swaging machines are typically thought of as cold forming procedures, although they may also be used as a hot forming process in specific cases.

Swaging Machines are divided into several categories. Tube swaging and rotary swaging are the two most common types of swaging machine procedures. Tube swaging machines work in a similar way to wire drawing machines. By inserting a mandrel into the tube and applying radial, compressive stresses to the outside diameter, these swaging machines may be enlarged, allowing the internal form to differ from the exterior, round diameter.

Radial Swaging

Aluminum, copper, and thin steel are routinely swaged with cold tube swaging equipment. Rotary swaging, also known as radial swaging, is a cold working procedure that is frequently used to reduce tube diameter, create a tapered end, or add a point to a circular workpiece. Two or four dies hammer up to 2,000 times per minute in this sort of swaging machine. Die sets are positioned on the machine's spindle, which is housed inside a cage with rollers and operated by a motor. The dies spin within the rotary swaging machine while the spindle revolves.

They're also not difficult to produce. A tapering blank of metal sheets is hammered into a v-shaped depression in a piece of wood using a cross-peen hammer until it's bent around to almost a spherical arc, approximately halfway closed. Then you hammer the arc the remaining distance closed by pounding from the outside in, working that around and gluing the edges together before soldering.

Don't Let Your Tube Collapse

Keeping the forming shape in the groove while hammering, as well as observing what's going on and pushing down any sections that are folding and/or bending more severely than the rest, will keep this from collapsing flat. It's far simpler to shut uniformly with a tapered tube than with a straight tube, which has a nasty habit of flattening when you don't want it to. Also, assuming you've fashioned the item out of any moderately thick metal, the taper will make it much easier and with much less distortion to bend the completed shape to gentle curves than a simple tube would.

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