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How to Maintain Tube Forming Machines?

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Several key points of Mingyi machinery maintenance: cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication, and anti-corrosion. In the normal production process, each machine maintenance staff should do all the maintenance work strictly within the specified period, reduce the wear rate of the parts, eliminate the hidden danger of failure, and extend the machine's service life.

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Daily Maintenance

Before starting work, check whether the mechanical and hydraulic parts' lubricating oil is regular.

Check whether the device action is reset.

Check whether the buttons of each electrical appliance are regular.

Turn on and run for a while(without tubes) to see if the equipment is regular.

Add lubricating oil to lubricate the operating parts of the equipment.

Clean up dust such as iron filings from the daily processing of the equipment.

  Know the daily Maintenance of Tube Foaming Machine

Yearly Maintenance

Change the oil, replace the hydraulic oil once a year, and lubricate the parts that generally move.

Check whether the wiring of each cable of the equipment is loose.

Check whether the equipment tubing is damaged.

Check whether there are other abnormal noises during the operation of the equipment.

Check whether the indicators on the operation panel work normally.

Check whether the clamps or fasteners are loose.

Clean up the dirt and other debris on the surface of the equipment.

Disable Maintenance

Out-of-service maintenance refers to cleaning, face-lifting, matching, and anti-corrosion work when the flower tube equipment needs to be out of service for a while due to seasonal factors (such as winter holidays).

Remove the equipment's power supply, arrange the cables in the electric control cabinet, and close the door lock of the electric control cabinet.

Equipment hydraulic oil discharge, lubricating oil discharge, etc.

Clean the surface of the equipment.

Refuel all parts.

Tighten each screw on the device.

Arrange the equipment and surrounding items neatly.

Cover the equipment with a film or other dust-proof cloth to prevent dust accumulation.

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