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Interviewed by China National Television Station CCTV

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On September 29, 2018, we were invited to CCTV's "Ingenuity" theme interview and accepted an interview from the CCTV Smart China column group.

Why Did "Ingenuity" Choose Mingyi Machinery?

Focus on the supplier of pipe forming equipment solutions

Exquisitely crafted machinery with extreme requirements

Pursue excellence with a perfect attitude

pursuing our original intention with focus and patience

Mingyi Machinery

From R&D to Manufacturing

Every small part, combined with semi-finished products, is continuously polished, processed, and engraved until assembled into a machine. 80% of the machine parts are produced by ourselves. We care about all the details in all processes.

Mingyi Machinery never stops pursuing progress. During the 15 years we have been in the industry, we constantly develop new equipment and crafts according to the market and strictly control the machine's quality. For example, the flower type, the diameter of the size head after the tapered tube is consistent with the drawing (the difference is less than 0.3).

During the interview, our general manager Mr.Wei introduced our company's R&D team, machine types, applications, new machinery, after-sales service, etc., to the CCTV column team.

CCTV has expressed great recognition of our products and technology. We will continue to work hard to design and produce good machines for China and the world.