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Latest Deal and Shipment of Tube Tapering Machine, Tube Embossing Machine, Cone Square Machine-India Furniture Factory

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First Contact

In November 2021, an Indian customer approached me on WhatsApp and asked me if I was the tube tapering machine manufacturer. And ask me to provide information about our tube tapering machines and cone square machines. The customer needs a semi-automatic tube tapering machine. I introduced each of our machines one by one, the materials that can be processed, and the maximum pipe diameter. According to the size he provides, a suitable model is recommended. He thanked us for the information and explanation, said he was happy to talk to us, the information we provided was concise and clear. Finally, he asked about the location of our factory, and he said that his agent would visit our factory and take a look at our machines.

Inquire of Tube Tapering Machine

Tube Tapering Machine Discussion

Factory Visit

I prepared everything. We have stocked the machine models that the customer needs, and the molds and machines are ready. When the time came, the agent directly tested the machine through a video call with the customer. The customer also likes one of our tube embossing machines.

Confirm Order

Finally, the customer ordered a tube tapering machine, a tube embossing machine, and a cone square machine.

Preparation and Production

I needed to prepare a lot of materials for these three machines. From the time the customer confirmed the order, I started to prepare the operation video of the machine, the operation information, the video of the mold installation and disassembly, the circuit diagram, the length, width, height, and square number of the machine, fumigation wood Box customization, etc.

Preparing for Tube Tapering Machine

Machine Testing

Before delivery, we will test the machine and test the mold. The customer wants to process stainless steel and iron at the same time. I bought both materials. I tried two materials for each set of molds, and I took a video of each step of the test machine. I marked those videos, and it took two days to test the machine and organize the data. Finally, take the sample tubes of each size to go with the machine. After the size of the test machine is confirmed with the customer, it is ready to be shipped.

Tube Tapering Machine Testing

Sample Pipe
Sample Pipes
Sample Tubes

Inspection Before Shipping

The customer agent came to the factory to inspect the goods one day before delivery, confirm the size again, and confirm with the customer via video call.


After the final confirmation, we arranged the shipping.

Tube Tapering Machine Packing
Tube Embossing Machine Packing
Cone Square Machine Packing

Tube Tapering Machine Shipping
Tube Embossing Machine Shipping
Cone Square Machine Shipping

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