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Reorder-Saudi Arabian Customer Ordered 1*40'HQ Furniture Feet

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On September 27, 2021, the Saudi Arabian customer finished the first container, and on the evening of November 18, 2021, the customer found us again, and he asked us the price of furniture feet. According to the previous cooperation experience, I gave him the quotation and added the packing list to facilitate him ordering the cabinet.

I quoted the price according to the last transaction, but he thought the price was too high and did not reply.

Gold Metal Legs Inquiry


The next day he told me that he went to another factory, and the other factory gave him a very favorable price. One of them is the largest furniture foot factory in Guangdong, and the price is the lowest in our industry; there is another factory whose price is similar to ours, but the price given is also a little bit lower than ours. After I communicated with our boss, our boss said that we couldn't offer a lower price, because we have no advantage to compare the price with the big factory in Guangdong. We pursue quality and customer service. I told the customer about our boss's reply, the customer still wants to continue bargaining, he told us that I have worked with you before, so I want to continue to work with you, please agree with my price. Otherwise, I will go to other places to confirm the order tomorrow.

After that, we all thought that the customer went to the biggest factory in Guangdong to confirm the order.

Gold Metal Furniture Feet Price Discussion

Factory Visit

The next afternoon, the client called me to come to our factory. We feel that the customer is interested in buying from us, and we are delighted to receive him.

Gold Metal Furniture Feet Factory Visit
Gold Metal Furniture Feet Shipping Negotiation

Confirm Order

After intense bargaining and constant negotiation between the two parties, both parties finally made a concession, and the order was confirmed.

When he was about to drive away, he explained something to me about the order and gave us a 45-day lead time. Before leaving, he patted me on the shoulder and said that we love your products (such as color and quality) and love you. I'm glad our customers trust us so much.


The order for one container is about 100,000 pieces. I confirm the specifications and logo of the custom carton and follow the customer's account step by step. We helped with packing and clearing the completed boxes every day. During this time, our factory was bustling with this order and others.

Gold Metal Furniture Feet Requirements


In the end, the goods shipped as scheduled, and we all came out to help load the cabinet.

Gold Furniture Feet Shipping
Gold Metal Furniture Feet Shipping
Gold Metal Feet Shipping
Gold Metal Furniture Legs Shipping
Gold Metal Furniture Foot Shipping

We are looking forward to our next cooperation with this client.

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