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Semi-automatic Tapering Machine for Small Catheters

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The semi-automatic tapering machine is critical for tunnel construction and excavation, also known as the small pipe sharpening machine. It is mainly used to reinforce the pre-support structure in the weak surrounding rock of the team road arch, the loose, noncohesive soil layer, the sand layer with poor stability, the crushed rock layer, etc. After grouting, the stability of the loose and weak surrounding rock is enhanced. Reasonably and effectively avoid the collapse of the lane caused by the instability and damage of the surrounding rock during the excavation of the tunnel.

Small Pipe Forming Machine


The small catheter forming machine is used for the automatic production and processing of the taper-shaped perforated tip of the small catheter ahead of time. It has the characteristics of low noise, easy operation, high production volume, and stable performance. The small conduit is subjected to the pressure of the formation during tunnel excavation. To ensure the quality of grouting and avoid grout leakage, a plugging hole shall be provided at the tail of the small conduit.


The formation time of the product workpiece reinforced by the team road structure is short, the efficiency is high, the production and processing surface is smooth, and the product workpiece has no scratches.

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