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The Future of China's Furniture Hardware Industry

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Cooperative development of new products

With the development of society, customers have put forward higher requirements for furniture products, and the styles and needs put forward by customers are very likely to have no matching furniture hardware. To meet the requirements of customers, the joint cooperation of furniture hardware companies is required to participate in the development of new furniture products. Furniture manufacturers and furniture hardware manufacturers work together to make full use of the design, technology, and equipment advantages of both parties to form a new format. Furniture hardware and new furniture are designed, manufactured and debugged simultaneously, so that social resources can be maximized best configuration.

Modern information technology also provides a platform for information exchange and technical coordination for the cooperative development of new furniture hardware products. Modern digital technology also offers technical support for rapid and precise manufacturing. Cooperative development not only satisfies the special needs of furniture companies, but also increases product varieties and improves product quality for furniture hardware companies, making both furniture companies and furniture hardware companies a win-win situation. Under the current social background, the cooperation between furniture manufacturers is particularly important. Through cooperative development, the mutual cooperation between the design and development personnel of both sides becomes a kind of union, and the complementary surplus and deficiency can face the market with stronger advantages.

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furniture gold leg

The fusion of appearance and function

Furniture hardware is divided into two categories: decorative hardware and functional hardware. Many furniture hardware manufacturers invisibly separate the two. Decorative hardware does not focus on functional development, and functional hardware has insufficient research on its decorative development, and there is a disconnect between the two. Although they work well, a lot of products don't always look pleasing to the eye. In recent years, with the improvement of innovative design levels, many designers are paying attention to furniture hardware, reviewing furniture hardware with the concept of industrial design, and better integrating the appearance and function of furniture hardware is the development trend of furniture hardware.

Humanized design

The quality of life is improved, and the quality of every detail in life will also be noticed. Furniture hardware best reflects the quality of life's details. Excellent furniture hardware can reflect the humanized people-oriented principle in these daily actions. Humanized concepts such as safety, labor saving, silence and comfort will be further integrated into the development and design of furniture hardware. This is also an inevitable requirement of social development.

Application of high and new technology

Over the years, furniture hardware has not received enough attention as a supporting role in the furniture industry, resulting in a large gap between the functionality of Chinese furniture hardware and foreign products. How to improve the versatility and interchangeability, advocate people-oriented, pay attention to safety, convenience, environmental protection, speed, and make the products perfect and so on, we still need to continue to develop and forge ahead. It can be found that new technologies, new processes and new materials are integrated into foreign furniture hardware. To improve the level of Chinese furniture hardware, only to accelerate the application of high-tech in the industry. Some colleges and universities in China have listed furniture hardware as a research topic focusing on the development of function and appearance. With the rapid development of the furniture industry and the huge market demand, the use of high-tech furniture hardware will continue to come out. We believe that in the near future, Chinese furniture hardware manufacturers can provide furniture manufacturers with hardware accessories with lower prices, better effects and easier installation, which can improve efficiency and reduce costs for furniture manufacturers.

Innovation of business model

With China's industrial technology development and progress, furniture production has developed from the previous manual workshop to the current mechanized mass production. Hardware accessories have higher requirements for versatility, interchangeability, functionality and decoration. With the diversification of base materials, the reform of the structure and the increase of functions, the role of furniture hardware in furniture is no longer just decoration and the connection of some moving parts. Its functions are getting stronger, and the fields involved are getting wider. For furniture manufacturing enterprises, it is particularly important to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, enhance competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets, and increase benefits.

Transform from ordinary products to customized products, get closer to customers, and create value-added products and services

Many furniture hardware manufacturers lack contact with end customers in the furniture hardware industry, relying too much on retailers for information on customer needs and expectations. Furniture hardware manufacturers must learn how to approach end customers, provide them with products, and ensure their own profits. This requires better marketing capabilities, better sales networks, lean production and flexible manufacturing capabilities, immediate supply chain operations capabilities, supply chain management, innovative thinking and leadership capabilities, better education and training for employees, etc.. In short, a new business model.

On the manufacturing side, factories must be automated as much as possible to maximize production efficiency and increase labor productivity. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt new technologies and lean manufacturing to reduce costs; at the same time, it is necessary to increase investment in the education and training of workers, the development of new products and research, so as to cultivate workers with special skills and create Premium product at a good price. If we continue to produce ordinary commodity-like products and provide low-level services, then we will continue to lose markets to areas where labor is more abundant and cheaper.

Establishing a relevant center of advantage

Through the development of strategic partners in the supply chain, all links of the entire supply chain work together to make the most effective integration and utilization of resources.

With the prosperity of the furniture industry, the furniture hardware industry will also enter a more perfect and new field, develop new products with high-tech content, and meet people's material needs and enjoyment of high-quality life.

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