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Tube Tapering Machine for the Armenia Client

Our company has many years experience in the foreign trade business and has a particular reputation abroad. Many customers will find us through online channels.


On June 14, 2021, a customer in Armenia found me through my Facebook. I confirmed the machine model, mold size, etc., with him. The contract has also been sent to him, but there is no reply after that. Then a few more days passed. A friend of his(Michael) in China added me, saying that he would come to our factory to see the machine. Then we made an appointment. On the day Michael visited our factory, the technicians and I introduced to Michael the history and scale of our factory, the accessories, functions and uses, etc. Then we tested the machine according to the size of the pipe the customer wanted. Michael saw the scale of our factory, the operation process and the samples from the machine, and he felt it was perfect. Then he discussed the price with us and finally confirmed the order.


I believe taking a factory visit is an excellent way to make the right decision. Welcome to visit us, or ask your friend in China to do so.

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