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Types of Metal Furniture Legs, Aluminum VS. Stainless Steel

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Aluminum VS. Stainless Steel

When choosing hardware materials, aluminum alloy and stainless steel are most commonly used. Because they are similar in appearance, it is more difficult to distinguish, but there are differences between the two in many aspects.

The most significant difference between them is that aluminum alloys are generally lighter in weight and darker color, while stainless steel is heavier and brighter. In addition, they also differ in price, hardness, performance, surface, use, etc.

▶Different Prices

Generally speaking, stainless steel is more expensive than aluminum alloy.

Different Hardness

Aluminum alloy has a low density and good plasticity; stainless steel is a nickel-chromium alloy with higher hardness than aluminum.

Different High-temperature Resistance

Stainless steel can withstand high temperatures, and melting point is 1200-1500 degrees; aluminum alloys' melting point is 500-800 degrees Celsius.

Different Surface Treatments  

Stainless steel surface treatments include chrome, whitening, surface coloring; aluminum alloy treatment includes electroplating, spraying, anodizing, etc.

Different Industrial Applications

Stainless steel: nuclear, aviation, and aerospace industries;

Aluminum:  chemical products, food industry equipment, storage containers, printing boards, nameplates, reflective appliances, etc.

Aluminum Furniture Legs VS. Stainless Steel Furniture Legs

• Aluminium is a lightweight metal option in legs with its unique appearance. It can be both contemporary and modern, depending upon your needs.

• Stainless Steel complements both contemporary and modern styles and provides a metal finish that is not shiny, but is durable.

Gold Stainless Steel Chair Leg

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