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What Are Furniture Feet Called? And the Types of It

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Furniture feet refer to the part at the bottom of a piece of furniture that supports it. Furniture feet usually come in either chair legs, table legs, or skirtings. They are essential in supporting the furniture and making the piece stable.

Some of the Furniture Feet Types Are:

1) Bracket foot

It is a foot that extends from the bottom of a furniture piece. It is used in stationary furniture like wall cabinets, bookshelves, sofas, and chairs. It has a base called a bracket.

2) Ball-and-socket foot

It is also known as an Archimedes' screw. It is used on moveable furniture like desks, tables, and chairs. It has two parts including a ball at the top and a socket below it. The ball fits into the socket. With some force, this will make the socket rotate freely in all directions while still holding it in place.

3) T-shaped foot

It is a type of foot that has a stem at each end and a round base, with the stem being in the middle. The stems are used on movable furniture, like desks, tables, and chairs. Each one is made up of four parts. These parts are called levers, which function by allowing the men to rotate around their long axis (the stem), giving them momentum to move along the surface of the surface.

4) Claw-and-ball

It is a special type of foot used to provide support to a desk, table, or cabinet which has a flat surface. It consists of two moving parts that are supported by a base. The table's claw is fitted onto the base and the ball fits into the base. With movements of the ball, the table's claw moves up and down so that it can be adjusted for comfortable use.

5) Lion's paw foot

It is a boot with two or more feet joined by a back piece. It is used on poplar timber furniture made after World War II. The different lengths of the feet make the Menuet possible.

6) Octagonal foot

It is a foot that has eight legs as its base, usually on a desk or table. These are used on new furniture which has a flat surface. They are also known as the Rorschach test because they can be seen from all sides when looking at the same corner of the furniture.

7) Stump foot

It is also known as "waterfall leg" and it is used on dining rooms and other large furniture. It consists of multiple bobbles placed on the bottom of a piece of furniture. It is used on the types of furniture that are meant to be heavier in weight.

8) French foot

It is a type of foot that has a segmented base. It is used on furniture that has more than four legs and is usually placed at the corner of a piece for support. The pieces of the feet are joined in groups to form a solid base for the furniture.

9) Verne's point

It is a type of foot that has an oval or round shape at its base. It is also called ballpoint. The parts are usually used on chairs and tables as footrests. They are used on furniture with a hard surface.

10) Paw foot

It is a type of foot that has claws or teeth which provide support for furniture with a hard surface. It is also used in the furniture like desks and tables to add more strength to the legs of the furniture.


These are some of the types of furniture feet that are used in furniture today. They provide stability and support to the furniture, thus making them more durable. Each one has a different purpose, which is why they vary according to their use. These feet have been used since past decades and it is still in use today. It adds value to the piece of furniture and serves its purpose well.

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