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What Is Tube Embossing Machine?

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Tube Embossing Machine

A tube embossing machine is a machine that has an open end and a closed end in the shape of a cylinder. The length of the tube should be at least 1.5 meters. It is used to create raised letters or designs on flat surfaces such as paper, cardboard, plastics and fabric by pressing them through the open end with a plunger into the closed end where there are engraved letters or designs.

Embossing machines are widely used in the printing industry, such as stationery printing, garment printing, leather industry, jewellery industry, furniture making, etc. So it can be said that embossing is the oldest type of marking and decoration process in the world. It will mark the company name, product information etc.

The embossing process has started to see great popularity in furniture making field. Many designers have begun to use embossed furniture in the decoration process. It is more and more popular in wedding and party fields. The embossing machine has become an important tool in the craft and furniture making field.

Tube Embossing Machine

How Tube Embossing Machines Work

The tube Embossing machine is a simple system composed of four parts, and the working principle can be described as follow:

1. Movement of the embossing slide: The embossing slide is a device that can move forward and back along the vertical axis. A pair of upper and lower clamping devices holds the inner tube in place. The embossing slide is attached to a motor that controls its forward/backward movement along its axis of rotation.

2. Plunger movement: The plunger is moved downward while the embossing slide moves backwards; the paper or other material passes through the open end of the inner tube and comes into contact with the raised letters or designs on the inner surface of the outer tube. At this time, a pressure should be applied to the material to make it pass through the inner tube.

3. Undercutter movement: Undercutter is a device that can move forward and backwards along the vertical axis, used to make undercut letters or designs. The layout of letters on the outer surface of the inner tube is made based on the movement direction of the undercutter.

4. Compressor's rotation: When the embossing slide moves back to its starting point, it will be locked by a locking device. This will help the embossing slide move back to its starting position again. A pair of cylinders, one rotating and the other static, are used as a source of air pressure which pressurizes the inner tube against the moving embossing slide.

The main advantage of this machine is that the working efficiency of the tube embossing machine is very high, the productivity can reach up to 30,000 pieces per day (pcs/day), the quality of the embossed area is very good, and the embossed pattern is clear and beautiful, it makes a good effect on the products and makes them more attractive.

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