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Working Principle and Application of Pipe Tapering Machine

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The Pipe Tapering Machine is a machine used to process metal round tubes. The semi-automatic pipe tapering machine has the characteristics of low noise, easy operation, high output, and stable performance. The machine mold replacement is simple and easy to operate, and metal pipes of different shapes and sizes can be processed with the cooperation of different molds. The surface of the finished product is smooth and scratch-free. It's an excellent way to improve the quality of your products and save labor costs.

Pipe Tapering Machine

Working Principle

The mold determines the outer taper of the pipe. The mold of the embossing machine is composed of multiple molds. The mold is clamped in the card slot of the machine body, and the inside is inlaid by 4 wedge-shaped irons. The wedge-shaped iron manually adjusts the extrusion angle before extrusion. After the motor rotates, it drives the mold to rotate and extrude around the pipe. After die-casting, the pipe can be drawn out.

The small pipe tip processing machine drives the steel pipe to rotate through mechanical transmission. Put one end of the steel pipe into the high-frequency heating coil, heat it to a certain degree, and put it in the middle of the hot forging die steel of the equipment. The die will shrink the steel pipe with the mechanical transmission until it reaches the required size and Until the standard.

The motor drives the taper shrinking tube oil pump to output hydraulic oil, pushing the plunger in the withholding cylinder to move forward so that the plunger and the two inner cone sleeves on the front cylinder cover push the mold base with symmetrical cones to shrink radially. , Realize the withholding of the module to the hose.

When the shrinkage reaches the set value of the scale, the crimping stops automatically. After the electromagnetic reversing valve changes direction, the hydraulic oil enters the two mold opening cylinders to push the crimping plunger to move in the opposite direction. The molded seat drives the module to recover under the action of the spring.

Tube Tapering Machine


The taper pipe machine can process iron, steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and copper pipes.


Widely used in furniture, anti-theft doors and windows, lighting, sporting goods, hardware processing, automobiles, and other industries. It can process tables and chairs, bed legs, lamp posts, stair rails, fence handrails, light poles, golf clubs, baseball poles, fishing poles, decorative tubes, etc.

Bar Chair Foot

Bar Chair Foot


Metal Chair Leg


Sofa Leg


Metal Table Leg


Table Leg


Dresser Feet


Door Handle


Baseball Bat

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